Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a process where the parties meet with a mutually selected impartial, qualified mediator who assists them in the negotiation and resolution of issues in dispute.

Family Mediation is a better way to work out family law issues such as parenting issues (parenting schedules and decision making), child support, spousal support and equalization of property for a number of reasons…

You decide the outcome not a third party who does not know you or your children
The family mediator will facilitate a dialogue between you and your spouse with the goal being resolution on all issues arising from your separation. You will participate in the ultimate outcome. The solutions that are devised through mediation are those of the parties and not imposed by the mediator. Agreements arrived at by two parties are more likely to be honored than a decision imposed by a third party.

Further, the process of mediation and the skills developed throughout the process will help the parties in their dealings with one another long after the mediation is over. This is definitely beneficial when the parties must continue a relationship with each other in their role as parents.

Your children are front and center in the process
Family mediation guides and empowers family members to work towards ending their conflict and allows them to maintain control and ownership of the process. It emphasizes the importance of cooperation and fairness, especially when it comes to the wellbeing of children.

– Children are always the priority.
– Improves communication and cooperation skills.
– Lessens tensions and removes adversarial atmosphere.
– Potential to relate better in the future.
– Confidential and private process.
– Opportunity for a new beginning without the tension and frustration so common to family law litigation.

Financial benefits
– Empowers parties to directly communicate and determine the outcome.
– More cost effective than court processes.
– Shorter and simpler than court processes.

Positive Productive Peaceful Mediation

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