The Mediation Process

Low Stress & Convenient Online Mediation

As with many aspects of our life today, the ability to communicate with each other effectively online allows for greater personal convenience, more efficient use of time, and eliminates the stress of unnecessary travel. Concorde Mediation Services provides a safe and secure online meeting arrangement. Of course, we do have meeting rooms in our Vaughan office, if required.

How does the mediation process work? What steps are involved?
The Family Mediation process begins when you have agreed to participate and have chosen a mediator. This is formally decided by signing the Agreement to Mediate provided by the mediator.

Initial Conversation & Discovery

Your first contact with a family mediator gives you the chance to discuss the mediation process, the expected outcome and your personal reasons for participating. This is the first step towards cooperating under the guidance of a mediator.

Any information that will influence the mediation has to be disclosed at the beginning. In order to properly help you negotiate a settlement, the mediator must be thoroughly informed of the pertinent circumstances. At this point the family mediator initiates the screening process.

What is the screening process?

Family mediators will assess for domestic violence and power imbalances in the relationship. Using various methods, the family mediator will attempt to identify whether family mediation is the appropriate process and if there is any need to implement strategies to ensure safety of all family members. Screening continues throughout the mediation.

Intake Meeting

The mediation process begins with individual sessions so each party can freely express their perspective in the absence of the other party. An Intake Form along with the Agreement to Mediate with be sent to each party prior to their respective meetings which are to be completed and returned to the mediator prior to the Intake Meeting.

Mediation Sessions

The mediator will outline the rules, goals and the process of mediation and remind participants of the importance of communication and cooperation in reaching a settlement. Every family and every personal situation is unique, so it is impossible to list all the variables here. The mediator will facilitate a series of discussions leading to an agreement on issues outlined in the contract.

Meetings may be

● Online, together or separately.
● In our office in the same or separate rooms.

What happens if an Agreement is reached by the parties at Mediation?

When an agreement is reached, it is documented by the Family Mediator in a Mediation Report which is the Mediator’s documentation on the points of agreement reached between the parties.

Each individual should take the Mediation Report to their own lawyer for independent legal advice.

At this point the process of drafting a Separation Agreement based on the Mediation Report begins. Yourlawyer will ensure that there has been complete financial disclosure and that the formalities of execution are in compliance with the Family Law Act.

How long does the mediation process take?
Each case is unique. Every effort will be made to finalize a mediation agreement in a timely manner while ensuring proper procedure is followed to safeguard the interests of all concerned.
Is an agreement reached at mediation legally binding?
No, the mediator will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding or Mediation Report that each party will take to their respective lawyers so that a Separation Agreement can be drafted based on the terms agreed to at mediation.
What does family mediation cost? When do we pay?
Mediation is based on an hourly rate charged by the family mediator. Each party (unless otherwise agreed) will provide a retainer (a deposit) at the time that the family mediator is retained.

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